Here is the list of enhancements my friend Rene and I did.


Installation of 4 new portholes Lewmar model Ocean 398920500.
External view with bug screen Close up with bug screen
Inside view. Notice the excellent design of the brackets. Inside view with plastic cover.


Changing the galley sink drainage system for a full brass tubing.
I didn't like the old clamped hose. Also added a loop to block the bad smell.


Changing the holding tank and its location.
 I decided to put a smaller tank, closer to the bathroom to shorten the length of hose. Nice and clean installation.
I still had more room for a bigger holding tank. Doing that I gained a larger storage compartment where the original holding tank was.


Installing a new Raritan head and a Y valve on the cabinet behind the head.
New head. Notice the hoses going to the back panel. Y valve and vent loop put as high as possible.


Installing a bigger seacock and valve. Installed a new seacock for the bathroom sink.
Bigger seacock below the water line for waste discharge. New seacock above the water line just for the bathroom sink.


Re-sealed the hatches and put new  McMaster EPDM Sponge Rubber: 8605K43
Inside view. Outside view. Too bad I couldn't find white rubber.